About Us

Who We Are

Access Lifecare is an independent social work agency founded to provide clinical social work and NDIS services to vulnerable people with disabilities, from age seventeen to end of life.

We provide services across ACT, Queensland and New South Wales.

As a registered NDIS organization we support individuals with all disabilities and have specialized expertise in psycho-social and neuro-degenerative disabilities. Using a person-centered approach, we work closely with individuals, their families, carers’ and guardians to assist them in developing an individualized support plan, based on their goals, aspirations and unique circumstances.

Our Vision and role

To provide high quality social work service provision in accordance with the social work core values, “respect for persons, social justice and professional integrity”.

Our Mission

To provide therapeutic support to our clients and families, promoting independence and there by strengthening their psychosocial functioning and emotional wellbeing.

Our Values


We respect our participants and their rights as individuals, while supporting their needs in the community.


We accept everyone irrespective of their disability, cultural background or sexual identity and will actively support and empower individuals and their families.


We aim to provide high quality care with integrity, accountability, and diligence.

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